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2014 Mount Vernon Sales Tax Breakdown

Effective January 1, 2014 sales and use tax within the city limits of Mount Vernon (and in most parts of Skagit County) has increased 3/10th of one percent from 8.2% to 8.5%. This change in the tax rate is the result of the August 2013 voter approved public safety tax of 0.3% which will largely be used to fund the construction of a new county jail.

Sales and use tax paid in the City of Mount Vernon is distributed as follows:

6.5% State
0.85% City of Mount Vernon
0.15% Skagit County
0.4% PTBA (Skagit Transit)
0.3% Public Safety (Jail) – Effective 1/1/2014
0.1% Criminal Justice (distributed to Cities and County based on population)
0.1% Skagit 911
0.1% Skagit County Mental Health
8.5% Total