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6 Valuable Benefits of  Using Drone Videography

As video consumption continues to grow, marketers need compelling new perspectives in video to connect with their audiences. One method is to use drones to capture incredible video content that leaves viewers engaged and mesmerized. 

There are many reasons to consider using aerial video to connect with your audience. Here are 6:
1. Save time. Save money
For the longest time, the only way to produce any aerial video would be to rent a full-sized helicopter and a licensed pilot for your shoot. Finger’s crossed, the weather would cooperate and you could get your shots.  Exciting to be sure, but not very nimble or cost effective.
Brands on a budget can use drones to curb the costs of traditional aerial filming while capturing great and innovative video content that snags people’s attention at a fraction of the cost.  Flight is possible within 10 minutes from nearly any location and packing away the equipment is a breeze, saving time and money in overhead and labor.  


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When shooting this commerical, we hired a helicopter and pilot to capture the beauty and grandeur of the Stilliguamish Valley. 


6 Valuable Benefits to Using Drone Videotography

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