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January Events at Christianson’s Nursery

Bare Root Season is Here!  Now through March 31, Christianson’s Nursery, 15806 Best Road, Mount Vernon. January through March is bare root season at Christianson’s and that means big savings on trees, plants, and shrubs for your garden, including fruit, flowering and shade trees, hydrangeas, lilacs, cane fruit and some herbaceous edibles such as strawberries, asparagus and rhubarb.

To plant; dig a hole twice the diameter of the root system and no deeper than its length. Make sure the graft union, down at the base of the stem, is several inches above the soil.  Break up and loosen the soil before replacing it around the roots.

Ask one of our Nursery experts about how to properly condition and plant a bare root tree or shrub while you’re here.

To inquire, visit the Nursery or call 360-466-3821 or 800-585-8200



The Northwest Flower & Garden Festival, “Gardens of the World” is this year’s pink and purple floriferous theme for the Northwest Flower & Garden Festival.  The Festival occurs on February 20 – 24, 2019, and tickets are on sale now at the Nursery’s Garden Store.  Early bird prices are $19, and $24 during the dates of the show. 
Enjoy the ease and comfort of riding a coach bus to the Flower and Garden Festival.  The Flower Buses leave the Nursery on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, February 20, 21, and 22, at 8:30 a.m. and return at approximately 6 p.m.  The cost of a combination show ticket and bus ride is $58. 

For reservations on the Flower Bus, visit the Nursery or call 360-466-3821 or 800-585-8200



Propagating Perennials, Saturday, January 26, at 11 a.m., Christianson’s Nursery, 15806 Best Road, Mount Vernon.  Have you ever admired a plant and taken home a snippet only to have it die a week later?  Or, perhaps you have an heirloom peony or a long row of daylilies lining a driveway that you want to share with a neighbor or friend but don’t know where to begin digging? 

Christianson’s staff member, Becky Paulik, will guide you through stem, root, and leaf cuttings, divisions, and the intricacies of seeding perennials. Learn from Becky’s long-time nursery career about using the correct tools and proven techniques for successful perennial propagation.

For reservations, visit the Nursery or call 360-466-3821 or 800-585-8200. Class fee $8.  Please check in at the Garden Store before class.


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