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Two Teams Become One! Allixo and Corban IT Services Combine

Allixo announces, as of December 1st, Allixo and Corban IT Services have become one under the Allixo brand. The Allixo team now numbers 22 professionals, including their field office in Renton.
CEO Jason Nelson said “adding Scott Taylor and his team of IT professionals creates a more dynamic and agile team providing an outstanding response to our clients. The team expansion allows us to further our focus on service delivery along with security and innovation. These are areas of extreme importance to our clients and to Allixo.”
December 1 also marks the physical integration of the two companies. The Allixo office now houses the combined teams. The team is grouped in order to focus on specific areas of our client’s businesses.
Jason added “Scott and I decided to join forces as we discovered we both shared very similar core values, which helped us derive a common purpose and mission:
Our Purpose:  “To make the work of others more enjoyable, productive, and fulfilling.”
Our Mission: “To aid the endeavors of our clients while protecting them from the risks of doing business with technology.”
Allixo’s team now has a combined 175 years of IT experience. Jason added “At a time when IT and data security requirements are changing more quickly than one individual can keep up with, Allixo’s expanded team enables us to stay ahead, consistently meeting the IT demands for our clients.”
Scott added “I’m excited about what this change means for Corban’s clients and my team. My new role in the combined company is as both a Co-Owner and a Director. Day-to-day I am serving our clients as the Director of Growth, a new, yet essential role which is aligned with my passion for helping clients accelerate their business growth, with and without technology.” Jason continues to serve as CEO, focusing on business development, partnerships, and enabling Allixo’s leadership team.
Allixo and Corban will operate under the Allixo brand while a new brand is developed and launched in early 2018.
Allixo serves clients with 20 – 500 employees primarily in the NW region of the country, with clients from New England to Hawaii. Headquarters are in Mount Vernon, WA where service is available 24x7x365.

“The Allixo & Corban teams celebrated the first official day of working together, Friday December 1st, with a party which included all staff and their families for over 55 people in attendance!”

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