Geocaching Event This Weekend in Mount Vernon

This year’s event is expected to be much larger than last year. In 2014 we attracted 100+ people roaming the streets and storefronts of DTMV on a Friday night, and the sign up is already exceeding last year’s event. The event starts on June 19th (2 weeks from now). Here is a brief overview of the Downtown event, and the rest of the weekend.

On Friday night is the Bughunt. A ‘Bug’ is a trackable item within Geocaching. Our focus is on our historic buildings. I’ve contacted several merchants already and secured permission to attach the code numbers to the front of the buildings. Each building with a code will bring up a Geocaching Page with a history of that particular building. Geocaching Corporate restricts a commercial based item, however in the natural history of the building I can mention the current tenant/owner. I just can’t do any promotion.

The more I walked and spoke with merchants, the more I learned that nearly every building has a great history. So I’ve had to be somewhat selective to make sure I bring as much foot traffic past all of the businesses as I can. This event is more about exposing many of the travelers we get to our historic downtown.

So what is a bit different this year, is that not only will they all be downtown when most businesses are closed Friday night, we are bringing them back for two more days of events, all starting or ending at the Riverwalk Plaza. I would ask that the Merchants be aware that I’m estimating 150 (ish) people walking around Fridaynight, and all of them being back in the downtown area for two more days following. They may want to spruce up their windows, or perhaps even a ‘Welcome Geocachers’ sign. Could be good for business.

Saturday is the ‘Main Event’ that everybody is traveling for. We are starting at Hillcrest Lodge in the early morning hours, and ending at The Front. We had originally intended on having some food trucks at Hillcrest, but with Berry Dairy days, there were none available. So by changing the ending location, we are dropping them at lunch time in downtown. This is also when we are having our raffle. I’ve contacted a couple merchants who donated gifts or certificates last year. If you could reach out to see if anybody would be interested, we would be very grateful.

We work our raffle a bit different, and had a lot of positive feedback. We display all the items for the raffle, and each item has a container for tickets. Each participant is given one free ticket, and additional tickets are purchased (Proceeds go to the Parks Foundation). They get to choose which item they want to win, instead of getting something they may not want. This was a big hit last year, and people got what they wanted.

If other merchants would be interested, please have them contact me directly, or Lisa Esparza at the Parks office. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Lisa Esparza  360-336-6215

Tom Wenzl 360-661-2651    360-661-5947 (after hours phone)

And the final event is on Sunday again starting at the Riverwalk. This is an outdoor art hunt, which covers the whole city. Starts at 1pm, and probably ends around 5pm.

The website for the whole event is at, look on the left side menu for the link to  2015 Geoweekend.

Thanks for your help as always.

Tom Wenzl

City Work Program Manager

Mount Vernon Parks

1717 S 13th St

Mount Vernon, WA.  98274

360-336-6215 Office

360-661-2651  Cell

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