McIntyre Hall Presents: A Man’s Requiem Friday, March 11


McIntyre Hall Presents

A Man’s Requiem:
KIM Yong Chul SEOP Dance Company of South Korea


Friday, March 11 | 7:30p.m.   


McIntyre Hall Presents: A Man’s Requiem Friday, March 11- Approachable yet thought-provoking – and thoroughly enjoyable for both newcomers to and veterans of contemporary dance – “A Man’s Requiem” explores the powerful idea of a sinner’s judgment day. It’s a modern, ritualistic expression of the Korean Buddhist/Christian belief system you won’t want to miss. KIM Yong Chul SEOP Dance Company of South Korea uses both traditional and contemporary Korean dance techniques to create a stunning display of sound, color, and movement. A Man’s Requiem premiered at the World Festival of National Theaters in Korea, and has successfully toured nine countries and extensively through South Korea and the United States. KIM Yong Chul SEOP Dance Company of South Korea was established in 1992 by choreographer KIM Yong Chul and is rooted in Korean traditional dance.

Performance followed by audience discussion.

Sample the performance here:

Tickets: Reserved Seating $30, Box Seats $40


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