Mount Vernon City Council Announces Ward 2 Community Meeting on October 27th

MOUNT VERNON – Mount Vernon City Council members Mark Hulst and Gary Molenaar have scheduled a Ward 2 Community Meeting on Tuesday, October 27th to encourage community discussion about important issues and to provide residents with the opportunity to voice their questions, concerns or observations about the City of Mount Vernon.

The meeting will take place at 6:00 p.m. at Hillcrest Lodge, 1717 S. 13th Street. Ward 2 Councilmembers Hulst and Molenaar, At-Large Councilmember Dale Ragan, Mayor Jill Boudreau, and City staff from the Police, Fire and Public Works Departments will be in attendance.

There is a Ward map on the City’s website at or residents may call the Mayor’s Office at (360) 336-6211 to determine which Ward they reside in.

For further information, contact:

Mayor’s Office


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