Historic Barn Tour

Historic Barn Tour Map of ALL Barns

Heritage Barn Mobile Tour

Dial 360-355-3039 to access audio recordings of each barn.
When prompted, enter the number of the Barn you are interested in.
While listening to the recordings, you can press:
1 to rewind
2 to pause/play
3 to fast forward
# to skip
Press *0 to leave feedback about your tour.


Here are some helpful tips!

• The photos of the barns are from the public right of way. There are three barns – #4, #16 and #29 – that are not visible from the roadway. We have provided photos of these barns, but please do not attempt to access them. Please be respectful of private property. Interior access to the barns is not available.

• The barns are scattered across the county, so following the map 1 to 58 may not be the best route. We suggest taking the barns in zones and enjoy them by area.

• Many of the barns are in remote parts of the County, so your cell phone and internet services may not work in all areas.

• The map is not meant to be a ‘road map’. It is to provide designations for each barn and get you in the vicinity. The map is not exactly to scale, so we suggest using either a GPS to locate, or a detailed road map of the County.

• As you travel around the County, you may notice other amazing barns that aren’t included in the map. The map lists the 58 barns that have been designated Heritage Barns. Hopefully more barns will be added to this list, so the wonderful structures can be protected and preserved. Enjoy the additional bonus sights!

Photo Contest

Snap photos and win a prize! Take a picture of your favorite barn, and send it to us. We’ll send you a copy of our award-winning book, “Harvesting the Light”!  Email your photos to barns@co.skagit.wa.us. Please limit your email to one photo per submission, not to exceed 20MB.

Barn Information

You can download information for each barn in PDF format.  Use the number on the map to determine which file has the information for the barn you are interested in.

The family friendly Skagit County Historical Museum is located at the top of the hill in La Conner.  The museum does have printed version of the tour available as does the La Conner Visitor Information Center.

Skagit County Historical Museum
501 South 4th, La Conner
Tues – Sun 11 to 5, open Mondays in April

Mount Vernon Visitor Center
301 W Kincaid St.
Mount Vernon, WA 98273

Historic Barn Photography Tours – Photos By Andy Porter



February 5th, 2019
October 15th, 2018
September 21st, 2018




Mount Vernon Chamber of Commerce