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2-Day Closure at Little Mountain Parking Lot

Enhancements to Little Mountain Park will continue next week with the addition of a public restroom facility in the new lower parking lot.

This most recent improvement will add a small, two-toilet, pre-manufactured structure that will be lowered into place and secured during an installation scheduled to take place Tuesday, October 12th and Wednesday, October 13th. The lower parking lot will be closed to the public on those two days, however the Park itself is scheduled to be open to users during the installation. Visitors are encouraged to park at the top of Little Mountain, or at the east trailhead on Little Mountain Road, or off of Hickox Road, by the Silver Arrow Bowman Club.

Following installation, the lower lot is scheduled to reopen on Thursday, October 14th. The restroom amenity itself will become available once Parks crews are able to pour concrete walkways and add landscaping around the facility. Parks Director Jennifer Berner said that this could take a week or more, depending on weather. Park users may park in the lot while this additional work is being completed, beginning on the 14th.

More improvements are planned for Little Mountain Park which is growing in popularity as a regional recreation destination. Picnic tables, bike racks, and a redesign of the angled main entrance from Little Mountain Road.

“The new lower lot brought many enhanced amenities to the park, which has been needed by the public more than ever through the challenges of the past 18 months or so,” Berner said. “We’ve been able to provide safer parking, improved trail access, and a new Bike Skills Course that is accessible from the lower lot. The new restroom facility will be a welcomed amenity by park users.”

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