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Business Education

Mission: Bring together business and education to provide robust learning opportunities that help prepare our students (to) become valued participants in our local business community.

The Experience Work Project is designed to assist schools and colleges prepare students for the world of work. We believe that helping students learn directly from employers and experience work-based learning is good for our community and helps all of us become more prosperous.

The EWP is a bridge between the business community and the local schools and colleges via an easy-to-use web-based platform. We help students identify and obtain job shadows, internships and work-based learning opportunities. We also assist teachers by providing a Speakers Bureau of local business people willing to speak in the classroom.

We welcome employers to participate in the educational process by signing up to be listed on the site. In some cases, employers can hire interns for up to six weeks that are paid through government funded programs.

We are currently funded through grants with Skagit Valley College and the Northwest Workforce Council as well as endowments from Wal-Mart and other employers. Several local chambers are involved in the Experience Work Project.

The website platform is purchased from the Greater Yakima Chamber Foundation which since 1996 has been successfully serving over 14 school districts through their “Business Education Partnership”.

Check us out at Our website includes helpful information for employers, students, teachers and parents.

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