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Skagit Regional Airport Welcomes First International Flight

Skagit Regional Airport welcomed its first international flight arrival on Monday, June 3rd.  The Lear 45 Jet was returning home to Burlington from the northern end of Vancouver Island, after delivering its passengers to BC.


US Customs & Border Protection agents were on hand to meet the aircraft and crew, through the Reimbursable Services Program that began at Skagit Regional Airport in January.  This program allows international travelers to enter the United States at Skagit Regional Airport by completing an online Request for Services form on the Port of Skagit’s website.  The flight information is then forwarded to US Customs & Border Protection, where the arrival and processing time is coordinated and finalized.


“Skagit Regional Airport is publicly-owned infrastructure, whose purpose is to improve our economy and enhance economic development,” Port Commissioner Kevin Ware stated.  “Having this service for international customers will make our airport more convenient to use, which will bring great economic benefit for our airport businesses and throughout our community.”


Commissioner Ware further explained, “When the railroad was built, everyone wanted a train station in their town because that’s what brought economic development opportunities.  It’s the same principle at work here.”


The Reimbursable Services program allows Skagit Regional Airport to offer US Customs & Border Protection services without having an Agent on site all day—a tremendous efficiency and convenience for all parties involved.


Unlike large commercial airports in the region, Skagit Regional Airport focusses on business and general aviation as part of the Port’s mission of “Good Jobs for our Community.”  The Port of Skagit will be hosting an official ribbon-cutting grand opening of the US Customs & Border Protection service on June 19th.




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