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New Disc Golf Course at Edgewater Park

Mount Vernon Parks and Enrichment Services is pleased to announce that a new disc golf course at Edgewater Park in Mount Vernon is now open and ready for the public to enjoy.

With the expectation of drawing disc golfers to Mount Vernon from all over the region, this 18-hole course was developed and installed by hard working volunteers from the Mount Vernon Parks Foundation.  The course layout may be viewed, and users can glean more information about the course by using a disc golf app called UDisc. Downloadable from iTunes and Play Stores, as well as by following the web link:

Temporary closures of the course will take place from July 3rd – 15th while there are various events occurring at Edgewater Park.  In addition, on July 29th the course will also be closed to public play while an organized disc golf tournament is taking place.

The City of Mount Vernon Parks, and the MV Parks Foundation, hope that you and your family are able to come out this season and enjoy this wonderful addition to Edgewater Park.

This amazing course was designed and built by a collaboration of dedicated volunteers and City staff. They include Quientin Sutter and members of the Skagit Valley Disc Golf Club, Danny Pickering and members of the Mount Vernon Parks Foundation, Detective Dave Shackleton of the Mount Vernon Police Department, and James Weppler and crew with the Mount Vernon Parks Department.

Please contact Mount Vernon Parks and Enrichment Services with any questions.  (360) 336-6215.


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