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The Willowbrook Word – Terry’s Tales from Willowbrook Manor

Greetings from Willowbrook!

I am excited to announce Saturday Morning Tea and Scones debuting this week! The Tea Tent on the East Lawn is very inviting this time of year.  It is the perfect place to relish your Saturday morning, taking in the gentle aura of tea in the country.


Reserve your Saturday Morning Tea and Scones


Saturday Morning Tea features our delicious sweet cream scones served warm with fresh fruit and a pot of your favorite tea. Views of East Skagit Valley farmland and Sauk mountain create a backdrop of beauty as rich and warm as the tea you sip.

After tea, meander through the gardens and soak in the serenity that makes Willowbrook the place to be on a Saturday morning.

Please share this with friends and family.




A favorite tea cup

This teacup was my grandmas and as a favorite, it hangs on the wall in the kitchen. My son, home for Thanksgiving, bumped it and the saucer fell to the ground.

Looking at the broken plate, I remembered my mother teaching me that people are more important than things and I assured him that he was more important than the saucer. (And I still could use the cup.)

You can imagine my surprise and tender feelings when Christmas morning I opened a gift from my son. It was the saucer glued back together.

Can you see why this is a double favorite?


Introducing the Willowbrook Tea Club!
Watch for more information in the next newsletter.  And thank you for taking time to read this one.
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