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Hot Weather Tips for your IT From NW Technology

It's supposed to heat up quite a bit these next few days, can your technology handle the dog days of summer? Here are some pro-tips for making sure your technology stays safe in even the warmest weather: 1) Never leave your electronics in a hot car Your tech has cooling fans for a reason, extreme heat can do some major damage to your equipment. 2) Avoid direct sunlight If you're setting your phone or laptop down while you take a dip in the pool, make sure you set it somewhere shady. Laying in the sun can cause it to overheat. And remember, no splashing. 3) If the sunshine is unavoidable, power your technology off completely Shutting down your tech and not turning it back on until it has a chance to cool off can limit the amount of heat damage done 4) Wear sunscreen That one's just for you, take care of yourself.

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