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Port of Skagit Introduces Incentive Program to Support General Aviation

BURLINGTON—The Port of Skagit Commission voted today to approve an incentive program that will encourage and expedite private sector development on the airport, focusing on small aircraft services and needs.

The incentive program is designed to support the two current proposed t-hangar projects on the crosswind side of Skagit Regional Airport and expedite the construction of much-needed hangar space and small aircraft maintenance facilities near the tenants with such aircraft.   This program would help offset some of the high costs associated with construction on the largely undeveloped crosswind flightline near the 04-22 runway, by reimbursing developers for a portion of the development costs for the General Aviation Improvements in return for their commitment to devote the improvements to small aircraft general aviation-related uses.

“The Port is committed to supporting general aviation by offsetting groundwork preparation expenses and alleviating other developer costs,” explained Port Commissioner Steve Omdal.

Through this incentive program and a binding contract, the developers will receive a reimbursement of $0.55 per square foot of building space that is used exclusively for small aircraft general aviation-related uses.  This reimbursement will be paid to the developers when, and only when, the buildings are ready for the agreed-upon occupancy and uses, are approved by the Port’s Executive Director and General Counsel, and are ready for occupancy by September 30, 2020.

Five of the Port’s existing t-hangar buildings on the main 11-29 runway were damaged in a wind event last January.  Since then, the Port has been working with the private sector on the development of new t-hangar buildings on the 04-22 runway to provide some relief for displaced hangar tenants and support the general aviation needs of the airport and community.   The Port is also negotiating with a private party interested in constructing a small aircraft maintenance facility and hangar space, who may also be eligible for the incentive program.

Relocating the hangar space for smaller aircraft from the main runway to the crosswind runway is consistent with the Port’s strategic plan and goals, as well as the Port’s 2007 Airport Master Plan.  This incentive program provides a “win-win” for the Port of Skagit, private sector developers, airport tenants and the future of general aviation at Skagit Regional Airport.

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