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Skagit Valley Giant Pumpkin Festival Wrap Up for 2019


First Place: Lee Roof, 
Oak Harbor, WA:  #1,548

Second Place: Joel Holland, Sumner, WA:  #1,415

Third Place: Brett Cooper, Corvalis, OR:  #1,315.5

Fourth Place: Jim Sherwood, Mulino, WA:  #1,270.5

Fifth Place: Jack La Rue, Tenino, WA:  #1,104

Sixth Place: Ryan Joyner, Graham, WA:  #881.5

Seventh Place: Joan DeVries, Mount Vernon, WA:  #836.5

Eighth Place: Brandon Sawyer, Mount Vernon, WA: #826.5

Ninth Place: Harm De Vries, Mount Vernon, WA:  #753

Tenth Place, Squash:  Jenna Joyner, Graham, WA:  #659

The Top 10 growers weight average for 2019 is 1060.95 pounds, outweighing last year's average by 84.05 pounds or an 8.6% increase!  Let's see how those numbers compete against other Weigh-Offs in the Great Pumpkin Commonwealth (GPC).

A special shout out goes to our sponsors who support the Festival and its agritourism outreach: Coastal Farm & Ranch, Skagit Food Co-op, and Tractor Supply.  Coastal receives Lee Roof's giant, Skagit Coop receives Joel Holland's giant, and Tractor Supply receives Brett Cooper's giant.  Please contact me for pick up arrangements early next week.

We appreciate those of you who have submitted your input about opportunities to improve the Weigh-Off for 2020.  Next year's official date will be posted on our website as soon as we get confirmation of Elysian's date.

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