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Civic Saturdays Hosted by the City of Mount Vernon

The City of Mount Vernon is inviting the public to a series of events aimed at informing residents of how their local government works.

Mayor Boudreau’s intent in hosting the upcoming monthly “Civic Saturday” events in 2020, is to demonstrate what city government does, how it fits into the greater (state/federal) political landscape, and to listen to and address the questions and concerns of those who are looking to participate in their local government.

“Research is showing a steady decline in the American people’s trust of state and federal government,” Boudreau said. “Conversely, we’re seeing an upward trend in the level of confidence people have in our local governments. It is crucial that, as this shift occurs, communities have a firm understanding of how their local governments work, and what it is that they do. An informed and active group of residents is essential for a community to thrive.”

Civic Saturdays will kick-off on Saturday, January 18th at the Mount Vernon Police/Court Campus (1805 Continental Place) at 10 a.m. with an overview of what our local government does. Residents are encouraged to attend, participate and ask questions. The next 11 sessions will take place at various locations on the 2nd Saturday of each month of 2020. The following topics will be covered at Civic Saturday events:


  • January 18, General Government Overview
  • February 8, Parks & Enrichment
  • March 14, Police
  • April 11, Library
  • May 9, Solid Waste/Streets Dept
  • June 13, Fire Department
  • July 11, Housing
  • August 8, Wastewater Treatment Plant
  • September 12, Budget & Finance
  • October 10, Attorney/Information Services/Human Resources
  • November 14, City Council
  • December 12, Mayor
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