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Money Mindset Makeover by Kelly Schols

As humans, adaptability is not only essential to survive; it’s essential for us to thrive.

But survival is all some of us can think about as we find ourselves in conditions that threaten our very existence. How do we thrive when we’re worried about our health, safety, and keeping a roof over our heads? How do we find peace and clarity amidst fear and uncertainty?

Here’s how:

Take 30-minutes of your day to join Kelly Schols, Master Financial Coach, as he shares concepts to help you re-set your mindset from panic to planning. Kelly’s Money Mindset Makeover will help you remember the wisdom of allowing goals, not fear, to guide your decisions. He’ll give you advice on concepts that will reassure you that time is on your side, and answer questions to help you gain a sense of peace and control.

Join us to find peace and hope not just for these highly unusual days, but for every day from now on.

Visit to register for a 30-minute Money Mindset Makeover, so you can start to thrive amidst the chaos.

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