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Alaska USA is supporting members during COVID-19

Alaska USA small business customers are able to better tell the story of how their lives were made easier during COVID-19 by working with bankers at their local credit union. Laura Martin is the Chief Financial Officer at Gencare Lifestyle in Seattle, and was among the businesses that received a PPP loan through Alaska USA.

“Our bankers at Alaska USA provided stellar service during our PPP loan application. The path from application to approval was impressively fast, and they kept us notified of our progress constantly throughout that nerve-wracking process. The timely advice we received from our Alaska USA bankers allowed us to make important and well-informed decisions as we navigated the complex and frequently updated rules governing these loans.  I know how hard our bankers were working behind the scenes on our behalf, and I attribute our successful and timely loan approval entirely to our partnership with Alaska USA.”  - Laura Martin, Gencare Lifestyle and Alaska USA Federal Credit Union Customer

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