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Northwest Youth Services COVID-19 Emergency Funding Match Campaign

This summer we are raising emergency funds to support young people who are struggling to stabilize as a result of COVID-19. This effort is being matched, dollar for dollar (up to $10K), by the Jerry H. Walton Foundation.

Vulnerable populations, such as the unhoused or young adults with limited incomes, have been, and will be, the hardest hit financially by this health crisis. Youth that have been stabilized have lost jobs and are worried about their housing, health, and income.

This pandemic throws into perspective how lack of housing always impacts the safety of unhoused youth. Many don’t have a safe place to isolate or quarantine, open access to a sink to wash their hands, or a phone to keep in touch with their support network.

Funds raised through this effort will provide emergency rent assistance to young people who are struggling to pay rent, vocational support for those looking for new employment, and ensure our team is available to support young people on their terms.

Gifts made between now and July 31, 2020, will be matched - thank you for helping us keep youth housed and safe.

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