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Christianson’s Nursery January Garden Notes


January 2022




Located in beautiful Skagit Valley,

we offer a wide variety of

common and uncommon plants,

garden accessories, antiques, and gifts.


Open daily

9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.



Welcoming the New Year!


2021 invited a lot of perspective, challenged us in many ways, and hopefully inspired us all to appreciate what we have. With record heat in June, and record cold in December, as gardeners, we were met with a lot of contrast this past year. As a Nursery, we feel so appreciative of the gardening community we are part of, and so thankful for the many new gardeners we have welcomed into the Nursery. We hope you feel excited and eager as we step into 2022. We have a feeling it is going to be a good one.


We hope to see you at the Nursery in the New Year!




Plant Spotlight:


Cornus sanguinea

'Mid-Winter Fire'


Hardy down to zone 4, this deciduous shrub is stunning with is fire-red stems in winter, and lush green foliage with white flowers in the spring. With a growth habit reaching around 5-6', this shrub can tolerate wet, rich soil conditions. This low maintenance and deer resistant shrub is perfect for hedging or standing alone, and will surely provide interest throughout the year.



A Friendly Reminder


We are now charging 8 cents per bag following our new state guidelines. Please remember to bring a reusable shopping bag with you. This charge also pertains to plastic trash bags during the bare root season. Let's find inventive and sustainable ways to reuse plastic and other materials to make this transition a bit easier!




January Specials


January 2-31

House & Conservatory Plants

20% off




What to do in the Month of January?


Now is the best time to browse through the Nursery's selection of bare root offerings. From fruit, flowering and shade trees to ornamental shrubs and cane fruit, our selection is at its best during the month of January.


While spring feels distant, especially considering the single digits we've just experienced, now is a wonderful time to plan and organize your garden. Maybe you would like to add some fall color, such as Cotinus, or winter flowering shrubs such as Forsythia, or a favorite of ours, old-fashioned spring blooming lilacs, like Syringa 'Beauty of Moscow'. The opportunity is endless, and we look forward to supporting and assisting you in creating your garden vision.


View our Fruit Tree list here




“Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes…including you.”


- Anne Lamott



Did you know the first jigsaw puzzle was created in 1762? John Spilsbury, a London mapmaker, pasted a map onto wood and then cut around the countries. He gave the 'dissected map' to local school children to help them with their geography education and it was an instant hit. Soon the concept was copied by others and expanded to other educational images. Over time, the name changed from dissected maps to jigsaw puzzles.


Flash forward all these years later and jigsaw puzzles are still going strong. In fact, in the spring of 2020, jigsaw puzzle sales jumped by 300 to 400%! Given the times we live in and all that jigsaw puzzles have to offer, their renewed popularity is not surprising. Puzzling is fun to do with others, but also a contemplative, peaceful thing to do by ourselves. We can unplug from our many devices, listen to music, and let our thoughts wander.


Best of all, we get a little jolt of joy every time an individual piece fits perfectly into place, or when we slide a large section over and it connects to other sections. When we get bogged down, if we take a break and then work on a new section, we usually find that things start clicking into place again. There are so many lessons for life in all that, right?


As luck would have it, right before the snow hit Skagit Valley, Primrose received a large shipment of jigsaw puzzles. The selection is great and more will be coming in every month.


As we dream of spring and contemplate ways to bring balance and joy to our lives in the coming year, perhaps the perfect place to start is at the puzzle table with a cup of tea?


Happy New Year, everyone!



Upcoming Winter Classes




January 15th

11 a.m.-noon


reservations required

call to reserve, 360-466-3821

class fee: $10

please check in the Garden Store before class


Hugelkultur are no-dig raised beds that hold moisture, build fertility, maximize surface volume and are great spaces for growing fruit, vegetables, and herbs. Join Sarah Wagstaff , owner of SUOT Farm, an urban flower farm, as she guides you through the principles of this centuries old, traditional way of building a garden bed.

Propagating Perennials


January 22nd

11 a.m.-noon


reservations required

call to reserve, 360-466-3821

class fee: $8

please check in the Garden Store before class


Christianson’s staff member, Becky Paulik, will demonstrate how to take cuttings and do divisions, and will cover the intricacies of seeding perennials. Learn from Becky’s long-time nursery career about using the correct tools and proven techniques for successful perennial propagation.

Harvesting Dahlia Cuttings


January 29th

11 a.m.-noon


reservations required

call to reserve, 360-466-3821

class fee: $30

please check in the Garden Store before class


Dahlias have captured the hearts of many flower farmers, and the breeding efforts of dahlia growers have created an amazing selection to choose from when you are planning a cutting garden of your own. Anne Long, owner of The Dahlia House, will provide potted dahlias and demonstrate how to harvest “cuttings” from these tubers to make a new plant and get the most out of your tubers. After class, Anne will be offering a few wonderful tubers to purchase if you feel inspired to start your own cutting garden.





The Seattle Northwest Flower and Garden Festival is set to take place February 9th - 13th, 2022. Flower Buses will be available for purchase in the Garden Store starting in mid-December ($60 for the bus ride and show ticket), and we are excited to journey down to the Convention Center with you!


Visit our commercial exhibit in the Plant Market area, #2126


Visit our Garden Store starting in mid-December to purchase Early Bird tickets to the Festival


Early Bird ticket at the Nursery: $20

Ticket at the door of the Festival: $25


Click HERE to learn more about this year's festival.


Please note, COVID vaccination cards and face masks will be required to get into the show and to ride our Flower Buses.



Remember to visit our Etsy shop!





Vintage Row Marker Made in England Antique Garden Line Marker Seed Row Marker Line Spinner Cast Iron Seed Drill String Winder and Pin



Wishing you a wonderful start to the New Year!



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