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Moon Rock Arrives at Skagit Regional Airport

Heritage Flight Museum is honored to announce the arrival of a moon rock for display as part of the NASA “Ambassador of Exploration” program.

This exclusive program was established for astronauts to select a venue to receive and display important pieces of space exploration history. The Heritage Flight Museum in Burlington, Washington is the latest on that highly exclusive list, thanks to museum founder and Apollo 8 astronaut Major General William Anders.

The Ambassador of Exploration is a NASA program dedicated to honoring the astronauts of the Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo programs. Through the presentation of an Ambassador of Exploration Award containing a Lunar Sample, the program recognizes the sacrifices and dedication of each of these early astronauts who so immensely contributed to the exploration of space.

With a very limited number of similar displays nationwide, it’s incredibly special for Heritage Flight Museum to receive this honor from NASA, and a testament to how highly-regarded this museum is within the aviation and aerospace world.

While small in measurement, this moon rock represents an immense piece of historical importance, having been brought back to Earth by the Apollo program. The moon rock will be displayed at Heritage Flight Museum beginning this month.

The Heritage Flight Museum invites the public to the grand opening fly day of its newly constructed exhibit expansion on May 21st. Don’t miss the opportunity to help celebrate this milestone as HFM takes another giant leap towards preserving history, providing one-of-a-kind educational opportunities, and sharing the exciting world of aerospace exploration.


About HFM: Heritage Flight Museum was founded in 1996 by William and Valerie Anders. Located at the Skagit Regional Airport in Burlington, WA since 2014, Heritage Flight Museum is a nonprofit 501(C)(3) organization dedicated to the preservation and flying of historic aircraft.

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