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Government Advocacy

The Mount Vernon Chamber of Commerce and its members take an active role in local, state, and federal government. The Chamber works to represent the interests of business with government, and we offer our members numerous opportunities to get involved and stay informed.

  • At the Mount Vernon Chamber of Commerce, we make it a policy to stay on top of the latest legislation, debates, and agendas in the federal, state, and local government. For any issue that might be important to or affect our members, we report to the Chamber at large via the website, weekly emails, and monthly membership meetings.
  • The Government Affairs Committee establishes an agenda each year on what issues to pursue with local and state government and then advocates for business and opens conversations with government officials surrounding those issues.
  • The Mount Vernon Chamber of Commerce represents the interests of business on personal level, by involving ourselves in decision-making processes on local issues. For example, representatives from the Chamber sit on the committee for downtown business development, the Waterfront Master Plan, and others. Whenever an issue affecting business is addressed at a local level, the Mount Vernon Chamber of Commerce will be at the table to represent our members.
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