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Relocating to Mount Vernon

Start here on your search for relocation information to Mount Vernon, Washington.

The City of Mount Vernon and the Mount Vernon Chamber of Commerce are committed to helping area businesses be successful. Programs offered through the Chamber can help you to establish your business within the community and help to create the strong commercial base on which we thrive in Skagit County. Mount Vernon has grown by over 32% in the last 10 years – more than double the growth rate of Washington state. People here enjoy a quality of life unequaled in the United States, with affordable housing, a strong economy, amazing natural landscapes, a strong educational system, and a low crime rate. Whether you have come to raise a family, start your dream business, or retire, Mount Vernon has something to offer you.

If you are interested in a visitor’s or relocation packet, we would happily send one to you, along with any of the following information. Contact us to request more information:

  • Demographics
  • Local Camping and Hiking
  • State Parks
  • Skagit County Demographic Profile
  • Mount Vernon Parks
  • County Map
  • Visitor’s Packet
  • Relocation Packet

For telephone numbers of county and city government agencies, click here


Sixty miles North of Seattle and 90 miles South of Vancouver, B.C., Skagit County is uniquely situated to take advantage of the more than 6 million people within a short drive. As one of the fastest growing counties in Washington, Skagit County is primed to cater to business, tourism, and families. The western flank of Skagit County features waterfront communities, berry farms and tulip fields, while mountains, eagles, and a spectacular stretch of highway mark the eastern edge of the county. Businesses in Mount Vernon and Burlington enjoy strong community and local government support, a thriving business climate, and easy access to Interstate 5 and marine shipping.

For more information on the demographics of Skagit County, check out the Skagit County Profile published by the US Census.


Skagit County Average Temperature and Precipitation

Month Av. Temperature Av. Precipiation
Annual Rain 32.65
January 39.4 4.21
February 42.4 2.99
March 44.9 2.75
April 48.4 2.52
May 53.7 2.19
June 58.4 1.81
July 61.5 1.25
August 62.2 1.46
September 57.6 2.01
October 50.7 2.96
November 44.3 4.28
December 39.9 4.22


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